Old Chicago was a one of a kind attraction that was a before its time combination indoor shopping mall and amusement park that existed in Bolingbrook Illinois from 1975 through its untimely end in 1980.  Old Chicago, despite being a failure as a business, those who walked through its arched opening and worked their way into the Fairgrounds at the center of the building left with vivid memories that have lasted decades longer than Old Chicago itself.

Below you will find information about Old Chicago.  Starting in 2023 I am starting the process of rebuilding this section.  With at least ten times the material than when I first started this in 1999 there is so much more of Old Chicago's story to be told.  Check back periodically for updates.

Why Remember Old Chicago

Old Towne Mall - Old Chicago's Predecessor

Bringing Old Chicago to Life

Opening Old Chicago

A Taste of Old Chicago - The Restaurants

The Streets of Old Chicago - The Shopping Center

Marshall Brodien's Magic Shop

The Heart of Old Chicago:  The Fairgrounds

Old Chicago Entertainers

Live at Old Chicago - Concerts - Old Link

Celebrity Appearances & Promotions at Old Chicago

The Old Chicago International Circus

1976: Old Chicago Is Bankrupt

1977: Old Chicago Under New Management

 Mayor Charlie Baffle's Fun Factory

Following the Dream:  Robert Brindle After Old Chicago

1977: Hollywood Comes To Old Chicago - Making of "The Fury"

Old Chicago Newspaper Advertisements

Old Chicago Mall Advertisements

Old Chicago Television Advertisements

Old Chicago News Christmas 1975 Edition

Old Chicago Pamphlets

Videos of Old Chicago - Old Link

Old Chicago Postcards

Old Chicago Memorabilia

The Old Chicago Fairgrounds Map

Old Chicago Employee Manual

Old Chicago Educational Materials

Old Chicago Press Releases

The End of Old Chicago - Old Link

Proposed Uses For Old Chicago

The Demolition of Old Chicago - Old Link

Old Chicago Today - Old Link

The Timeline of Old Chicago - Old Link

Memories of Old Chicago - Old Link - Second Link

If you have any memories, photos, video, memorabilia, or memories of Old Chicago that you'd like to add to this story of the park please email me.


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