Old Chicago

Old Chicago
Bolingbrook, Illinois

Old Chicago is nothing but a memory now but from 1975 to 1980 it dazzled millions of visitors and left it's mark on many of us.  Old Chicago was the first fully enclosed shopping center and amusement park and was way ahead of it's time.  These pages are a tribute to Old Chicago, the people behind it and the memories that many of us have from passing between the lions, walking it's streets and having the time of our lives in the Old Chicago Fairgrounds.

This is the one section of my website that I never want to stop working on because not only is it in a large part responsible for making me into a coaster enthusiast but because I want to keep Old Chicago's memory alive with more photos, memories, video and anything else that you might have to share from your times at Old Chicago as well. 

If you happen to have anything that you can add to this Old Chicago section please email me.


March 2014 Updates:

Videos of the Old Chicago Fairgrounds and Old Chicago's demolition.


Below are different sections about Old Chicago.

The Beginning

The Mall

The Old Chicago Fairgrounds


An Employee Manual

Old Chicago Postcards

An Old Chicago Pamphlet


Tickets & Memorabilia

Old Chicago Videos - Updated February 4, 2012

A History Of Old Chicago

Old Chicago Memories - Updated January 5, 2013

My Memories of Old Chicago

Reader Contributions - Updated January 5, 2013

Old Chicago Closing

The Demolition

Old Chicago Today


Most of the photographs of Old Chicago in this site have been from the Bolingbrook Historical Society's collection and I would like to thank them for sharing them with me. 


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