Old Chicago

Old Chicago
Bolingbrook, Illinois

Tully Garrett took a trip to Old Chicago in 1986 for some amazing footage outside and inside of Old Chicago as it was being demolished.

Tully Garrett also gives us this footage of Old Chicago in action with point of view as well as off ride video of the Chicago Loop, footage of the Old Chicago Circus and the rest of the Old Chicago Fairgrounds.

The Monster Of The Midway was added to Old Chicago in November 1977.  Here is a commercial the park ran promoting it.  The ride was an enclosed Scrambler type ride with sound and lighting effects.
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I was sent a DVD of this Old Chicago 8MM footage from a reader named Terri.  It was taken by her father during a trip to Old Chicago in February 1976.  It shows Terri on the Carousel, car ride, playing Ski-Ball, the Chicago Loop as well as shots of the rest of the Old Chicago Fairgrounds.

Don Gettys shot and edited this video of the Ramones during their 1979 concert at Old Chicago.  Before the show they spent some time enjoying the Old Chicago Fairgrounds including the Chicago Loop.

Here's video of Old Chicago from Brian DePalma's movie "The Fury".  The movie was a thriller that came out in 1978 about a teenager with telekinetic powers that the CIA wants to use for assassinations.  To kind of explain this clip in the beginning of the movie the boy's father is killed; or so he thinks by Arab terrorists.  He is then taken by the CIA and  and is being manipulated to their bidding.  His minder, who he is in love with takes him to Old Chicago.  While there he sees her with a couple of other men and leaves in a jealous rage.  He then heads for the amusement park where his powers do some damage including sending a Paratrooper car of Arab men flying into the Biergarten Restaurant. 

I remember a bit of the filming as we paid a visit to the park during it.  Also I remember that we sat several times in the Biergarten looking out on the Old Chicago Fairgrounds at that table several times for dinner before and after the filming of "The Fury".

If you have any videos or home movies of Old Chicago and wouldn't mind sharing them please email me and we can arrange some way for me to add them to the site.

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