Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, Missouri

Worlds of Fun
Kansas City, Missouri

4545 Worlds of Fun Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64161

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Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri is a part of the Cedar Fair chain of amusement parks.  It is the home of Mamba; a hyper coaster, Patriot; a B&M inverted coaster, Timber Wolf; a wooden coaster, Spinning Dragons; a spinning coaster, Boomerang; a Vekoma Boomerang and the new for 2009 Prowler wooden coaster by Great Coasters International.  In addition to those coasters Worlds of Fun has numerous other rides, shows and attractions.  It's a really great park and well worth the trip to Kansas City.

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2022 - Haunt

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2021 - ACE Around the World


2018 - WinterFest



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2013 - Halloween Haunt

2013 - Coasting For Kids

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2010 - Halloween Haunt

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2009 - Worlds of Fun's Coaster Mayhem

2009 - Prowler's Opening Day

2009 - Prowler Construction Tour



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