Worlds of Fun
Kansas City, Missouri
Coaster Mayhem
August 15, 2009
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 Fun, Kansas City, Missouri

With a brand new coaster from Great Coasters International just 3.5 hours to the west of us Bond and I had to make it back to Worlds of Fun for some more laps on Prowler.  We figured Coaster Mayhem, Worlds of Fun's coaster enthusiast event would be the perfect opportunity to do so.  Brian was going so the plan was that Bond and I would head out on Friday night, get Brian from the airport, crash at the hotel and then do the event before heading on home.  Well Friday morning Carrie kicked Bond and I out of the house with orders to go ride coasters so we headed to Six Flags St. Louis before heading on west to get Brian.

We got up bright and early grabbed some breakfast and headed to Worlds of Fun where we were the first ones in the parking lot.  Here's Brian showing off his brand new coaster tat.  I told him he needs to get the Negative-G logo next, you know to properly look rough and stuff.

Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, Missouri

The event didn't start until nine and we were there way early so Brian decided to do the whole homeless thing and pass out on a park bench.

Patriot at Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, Missouri

Once we were in we all were given drink bottles with free refills and a voucher for a free Prowler on ride photo which was extremely nice of the park.  Morning exclusive ride time was on Patriot which Bond wasn't quite ready to ride the last time we were at Worlds of Fun earlier in the season as he was a little nervous about having nothing under his feet.

Patriot at Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, Missouri

As you can see during ERT there was no waiting for Patriot.  There were about thirty people there and with two trains running you could just grab a seat, except for the front seat as they made you switch seats on each ride, and just stay there as long as you wanted.


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