Kings Island
Mason, Ohio

6300 Kings Island Drive
Mason, Ohio 45040

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Kings Island has been one of the nations leading amusement parks since it opened up in 1972.  It first captured national attention with The Racer, a coaster that kicked off the modern coaster craze and followed that up seven years with the legendary Beast coaster which was for decades the longest and tallest coaster in the world.  Kings Island eventually was sold to Paramount Studios which renamed it Paramount's Kings Island and following were several movie themed rides.  In 2007 Paramount sold it to Cedar Fair parks who returned it to the parks original name. 

The park is now home to fourteen different coasters including the new for 2009 Diamondback hyper-coaster and dozens of other rides and attractions.

Below you will find photos from my various visits to Kings Island and Paramount's Kings Island.

2017 - Mystic Timbers Media Day

2014 - Banshee Media Day



November 2005

Italian Job Stunt Track Media Day - May 19, 2005



Son of Beast behind the scenes photos from 2000




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