Paramount's Kings Island

Kings Mills, Ohio

July 1, 1999

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During the hot spell this last July I got the Paramount's Kings Island bug and headed to Cincinnati.  Luckily most people stayed away from the park due to the heat so most rides were a walk-on.

Paramount's Kings Island, Kings Mills, Ohio

Since the Beast was getting up a little late I was walked back to Face Off (ahead of a two hour line) to get the first ride of the day.

Paramount's Kings Island, Kings Mills, Ohio

Here's me getting ready for my first ride of the day and my first ride on an Invertigo.

Paramount's Kings Island, Kings Mills, Ohio

Face Off is made by Vekoma.  It is a production model coaster which means there are many copies around the world with more coming each year.  This ride has the same layout as a boomerang coaster but it is inverted so it's a bit different.   Out of the station you get pulled backwards up a hill before being released.

Paramount's Kings Island, Kings Mills, Ohio

Face Off's trains are neat.  The seats (except for the front and back) all face each other which can be fun.  Here's a shot of me right after the lift lets go.  My wife got this shot from under the lift thanks to Angie, PKI's super PR lady!  She nagged the crew until they let her and Carrie go under the lift to get some great pictures.

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