Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka, Missouri
March 29, 2009
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Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, Missouri

Some off seasons are long and some just feel that way.  This off season really wasn't that long but it seemed extremely long because of Bond.  You see in early December we went up to the Wisconsin Dells for a weekend with family.  On our way home we stopped off at a place called Knuckleheads.  It's a family entertainment center with bowling lanes, indoor go carts, video games and several rides including a coaster for kids.  Bond wanted to go and ride their plane ride but the deal was since he's more than big enough to ride every coaster on the planet that he was big enough to start trying coasters with me he had to try the coaster first. 

He was a bit nervous when we walked up to it and tried to bargain his way out of trying it.  We got in the train and pulled the lap bar down and he was still nervous but as soon as we cleared the lift he was thrilled and by the time we dove down the coaster's drop into a helix he was in heaven.  Since that point I couldn't wait to get him to a park so we could ride.

While in  Kansas City to check out Prowler at Worlds of Fun earlier this spring we hopped on another kid sized coaster at Zonkers and Bond loved that one as well so I really couldn't wait for opening day.  I counted down the weeks, days and hours.  I had been waiting for so long for Bond to start riding with me and it sucked having to wait.

Eventually opening day came and Bond and I headed down to Six Flags St. Louis.  The forecast was cold and rainy and mother nature decided to make it really cold and really rainy that day.  It was so bad I left my camera in the car and Bond and I headed into the park to start out on the River King Mine Train.

Long story short it was miserable but wonderful ride.  We were all soaked to the bones and drenched to them as well which made it miserable.  Bond was nervous about hopping on the Mine Train but about ten feet after clearing the lift he loved it.  That was the fantastic part. 

We rode a few times on the Mine Train with Greg, Rohan, Beth and Allie before heading up to the bumper cars with Kevin and Daniel.  When we got off we ran into Brian who informed us that the park was only going to be open until noon.  It stunk, but as wet and frozen as we were it was a relief to get out of the weather and get warm and dry.

So the next day we awoke to a couple of inches of snow on the ground but had word that the park was going to open.  The first good sign was that they actually were charging for parking, which they didn't on Saturday. 

As we got up to the gated Six Flags staff were out in force and about half of our group were asked to participate in a survey like Greg here.  I have to say that we all probably spewed their results a little because we all responded that we'd like more thrill rides and coasters.

Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, Missouri

Once we got in the gate Mr. Six as well as Bugs Bunny, several other costumed characters, Six Flags employees and anyone else who wanted to join in were busy dancing.  

Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, Missouri

Mr. Six was really cutting a rug.  There were Looney Tunes, DC Comics super heroes and Mr. Six all over the park which was really nice. 

Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, Missouri

Daffy came by so say hi to Brian (AKA: Waterboy on the Negative-G Forums) before we all ventured into the park.


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