Zonkers Family Entertainment Center
Olathe, Kansas
February 28, 2009
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Zonkers Family Entertainment Center, Olathe, Kansas

This has felt like the longest coaster off season for me because last November when we were visiting the Wisconsin Dells Bond finally warmed up to the idea of riding.  He tried the Miner Mike coaster at Knuckleheads and loved it so I couldn't wait for the season to begin so that we could try out a few more rides together.

After hearing about a construction tour at Worlds of Fun for their new wooden coaster named Prowler I surfed on over to the Roller Coaster Database to see if there happened to be any family entertainment centers in the Kansas City area with an indoor coaster.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was in fact an indoor coaster in the area at Zonkers Family Entertainment Center. 

Zonkers is located in the Great Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe, Kansas which is on the Southwest side of Kansas City.  I'm not the biggest mall fan but thankfully Zonkers has it's own entrance so I don't have to brave the mall.

Wet Willys Defunct Waterslide, Fenton, Missouri

Bond wasn't quite ready for the coaster as he was a bit nervous about it so I thought it best he start out on rides that he already liked like the planes. 

Zonkers Family Entertainment Center, Olathe, Kansas

Zonkers plane ride is called the Banana Squadron and Captain Bond Drabek was happy to be reporting for duty.

Zonkers Family Entertainment Center, Olathe, Kansas

Bond even got me on which was a mistake, but oh well we had fun.


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