Indiana Beach

Monticello, Indiana


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Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

Indiana Beach is a small boardwalk park in Monticello Indiana in the middle of Lake Schafer.  It's reminiscent of Coney Island in New York with a hodge-podge of rides, shops, a water park and a pool. 

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

Indiana Beach has three coasters including the great Custom Coaster International creation the Hoosier Hurricane...

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

Anton Schwarzkopf's Jet Star named the Tig'rr.  For more info on the Tig'rr click here for my Tig'rr page with in depth photos.

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

And Indiana Beach's final coaster the Galaxy which is encased by the water park.  This park's expansion space is very limited due to being built out on a peninsula so they stack up all of the rides that'll fit.


Click here for more photos of Indiana Beach.


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