Indiana Beach

Monticello, Indiana

75 For Anton

June 9, 1999

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On June 9th in celebration of the master coaster designer Anton Schwarzkopf's 75th birthday ACE'rs and coaster enthusiasts across the globe went to honor him by riding his creations.  I chose the nearest Schwarzkopf coaster, the Tig'rr coaster (Jet Star) at Indiana Beach in Monticello Indiana to ride 75 times in honor of the greatest steel coaster designer ever.

Here is that coaster on that day.....

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

This coaster sits above a restaurant and a picnic area next to Lake Schafer.

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

A nice view from the platform

Let's get ready for a ride but first......

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

Can you say result of a lawsuit????

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

First you board one of the comfortable and stylish coaches.  I really want one of these for my study (I need one of those too) to relax in.  I do some of my best thinking in a coaster train...

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

Up away we go.


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