Arnold's Park
Arnold's Park, Iowa
July 15, 2010
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Arnolds Park, Arnolds Park Iowa

It was great getting out of the car and having one of the handful of John Miller designed coasters right in front of us.

Arnolds Park, Arnolds Park Iowa

Arnolds Park sits on the shores of Lake Okoboji in North Western Iowa which is a big resort area.

Arnolds Park, Arnolds Park Iowa

It's really kind of amazing that Arnolds Park is still here because there used to be little lakeside amusement parks like this in resort areas all around the country like Chippewa Lake Park or Buckeye Lake Park in Ohio but starting in the 1960's these little parks started disappearing with the advent of large regional amusement parks. 

The Legend Roller Coaster at Arnolds Park, Arnolds Park Iowa

The way into Arnolds Park takes you under the Legend Roller Coaster.


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