Arnold's Park
Arnold's Park, Iowa
July 15, 2010
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Arnolds Park, Arnolds Park Iowa

In June I received a call from Brian (aka: Waterboy) that he wanted to make a run to Arnolds Park in Iowa and then hit Valleyfair afterwards.  Bond and I were game as well as Mike (aka:  Illinois) so we picked a date and Brian and Mike headed out here into the vast plains of Western Illinois to my humble abode.  After a night of grilling some meat,  watching a bunch of movies and staying up way too late we were up at 4am and on the road across Iowa to Arnolds Park. 

As you can see Brian needed some java to get him awake.

Arnolds Park, Arnolds Park Iowa

This is what the drive across Iowa looks like; flat, full of corn and boring as heck.  If you want to drive to Arnolds Park from anywhere except Minneapolis expect one insanely long boring drive.  From my house it was seven grueling hours of unending fields to Arnolds Park.

Arnolds Park, Arnolds Park Iowa

After getting three hours of sleep and starting out the drive, somewhere in the middle of Iowa I crawled in the back seat, covered up and passed out.  Being the good friend that he is Mike grabbed my camera and took this lovely picture of me. Embarrassing pictures, that's what friends are for.

Arnolds Park, Arnolds Park Iowa

Hallelujah we finally made it!!!

By the way this is one of the coolest park signs ever.


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