Waldameer Park
Erie, Pennsylvania
May 30, 2004
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A Warning Sign at Waldameer Park, Erie Pennsylvania

As part of our Memorial Day 2004 trip Waldameer Park in Erie Pennsylvania was an easy choice because we had never been there before and we were staying with some good friends a few miles away.  You have to like a park that takes it's family friendly atmosphere seriously like Waldameer does.

Waldameer Park, Erie Pennsylvania

Waldameer Park has been the place to go for some fun and thrills in Eire Pennsylvania since 1896.

The L Ruth Express Train Ride at Waldameer Park, Erie Pennsylvania

No, the train conductor is not in the witness protection program, I just caught him with a little bit of foliage covering his face.  Waldameer has a nice little train called the L. Ruth Express.  I'm curious if "L. Ruth" is someone from the park?

The Comet Rollercoaster at Waldameer Park, Erie Pennsylvania

The Comet has been Waldameer's big thrill machine since 1951 even though later this year it will be dwarfed by the park's new spinning mouse and a few years down the road the Ravine Flyer 2 wooden coaster.


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