Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka, Missouri
Daredevil Daze
June 27, 2009
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Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, Missouri

Last year Six Flags St. Louis premiered their annual Daredevil Daze enthusiast event and sadly I had to miss it due to family obligations.  This year I was not going to miss it as I did not to miss a rare day to spend time with a large group of my other fellow enthusiasts. 

They held Daredevil Daze at the end of summer while this year they moved it up to late June so that it could be an add on day for all of those attending American Coaster Enthusiast's Convention over at Worlds of Fun and Silver Dollar City.  So with all of the con attendees coming into town Daredevil Daze had about four hundred attendees this year which was quite a leap in numbers over last year. 

The first thing for the event was a morning hour of exclusive ride time (ERT in enthusiast-speak) on Evel Knievel before the park opened up.  Here are Coery, Ken and Paul otherwise known as BobbalishBobbus, Kidcoaster and Bratman on the Negative-G Forums queuing up for their first ride on Evel Knievel. 

Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, Missouri

I'd expect to see Evel Knievel move up on the annual coaster popularity polls as it was introduced to a bunch of enthusiasts at Daredevil Daze.

Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, Missouri

Here's Paul getting a ride with Bond.  Last winter before Bond started riding Paul mentioned that he wanted to get a ride on Evel Knievel with Bond and I could only say "we'll see" but since Bond has finally come over to the dark side he'll ride with anyone on almost anything.

Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, Missouri

About half way through ERT Six Flags got Mr. Freeze up and running so we headed over there.  Like most new coasters Bond didn't want to give it a try but the rules are that he's big enough to try things and if he doesn't like them after one ride I won't ask him to go on it again.  So Bond climbed into Mr Freeze with me and...


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