Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka, Missouri
July 29, 2006
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Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

This used to be the only section of kiddy rides in the park.  It was called Looney Tunes Town.  Well this year saw some drastic changes in this area.  For one most of the rides have been moved up to the new Looney Tunes National Park thankfully making it so that there is always something for the kids to ride or do a short walk away from anywhere in the park instead of being potentially on the other side of the park.

Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

With many of the rides being moved out of Looney Tunes Town Six Flags expanded the much loved Moon Cars into that area almost doubling the length of the ride.

Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

Halleluiah the Log Flume is just the Log Flume!  For years it has been pretty much "product placement the ride".  Let's see, it's been the Nestea Plunge and the Ice Mountain Splash along with a few other brands.  Maybe Coke will be the next sponsor and they'll make the log's look like Coke cans and the water could be dyed brown.

The Screamin Eagle Rollercoaster at Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

The Log Flume is a classic Arrow Dynamics designed log flume that opened with the park and is still thrilling people and getting them a little wet year after year.


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