Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka, Missouri
May 24, 2003
Page Five

Xcalibur @ Six Flags St. Louis

Xcalibur is one ride that literally as well as figuratively stands above Six Flags St. Louis.

The Screamin Eagle @ Six Flags St. Louis

Ok, it's time to move onto coasters a bit, here's the Screamin' Eagle which even after all these years is running very well.  I actually got air over every hill, the only problem was on the return run it needs to be re-tracked because there are some serious and painful potholes.

DC Comics Plaza @ Six Flags St. Louis

The DC Comics Plaza is the home to a few superheroes as well as one villain...

Mr. Freeze @ Six Flags St. Louis

...Mr. Freeze, the coolest roller coaster on the planet.


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