Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka, Missouri
May 24, 2003
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Six Flags St. Louis Park Entrance

Memorial Day weekend is pretty much the traditional kick off for summer and like many people we headed out to an amusement park.  Six Flags St. Louis was our destination this weekend.

The Tommy G. Robertson Engine @ Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags St. Louis is one of the few parks with a working steam engine for it's train.  The locomotive is named Tommy G. Robertson after the Vice President of Maintenance who helped build the park.  The engine was renamed after he retired from the park in 1996.

The Moon Cars @ Six Flags St. Louis

Bond was very good on the ride out needed some fun so he hopped on the Moon Cars with Grandma as well as Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Martin.

The Moon Cars @ Six Flags St. Louis

Bond has a blast riding the cars, it's one of the few rides that he'll actually get on to ride.  He's in that touchy age about rides.


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