Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Louisville, Kentucky
Greezed Lightnin' Construction
February 26, 2003

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville, Kentucky

For 2003 Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom has decided to save a classic Anton Schwarzkopf shuttle loop.  Greezed Lightnin' started as The Tidal Wave at Marriott's Great America (Now Six Flags Great America) up in Gurnee, IL.  It thrilled guests there until 1991 when it was removed and put in storage at Six Flags St. Louis so that Batman the ride could be built.  From St. Louis Tidal Wave was reborn as the Viper at Six Flags Over Georgia in 1995 where it ran until 2001.  Once again the Viper was removed for another coaster (Superman Ultimate Flight) and sat in storage for a year until it's rebirth once again.

Here's an artist rendition of what Greezed Lightnin' will look like.

The following construction pictures were taken by Mark Brunner and used with his permission.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville, Kentucky

Here's the back of Greezed Lightnin's rear spike.  It is going to run parallel to the road that cuts Kentucky Kingdom in half from the car ride to over behind the Roadrunner coaster.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville, Kentucky

You can see a little bit of track in place behind the crane.  This is a side view of Greezed Lightnin's rear spike.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville, Kentucky

You can see the rear spike to the left and the station will sit in the middle of the photo.  It looks like a lot of the structure is in place for the station and launch stretch.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville, Kentucky

Here is where the loop is going to sit.  It'd be nice if they could have situated the loop so that it could be easily be seen from the park but hey, I'm not going to complain because I get to have one of my favorite from growing up just a hour down the road!

Hopefully we stop getting snow and bad weather so there will be some Lightnin' this year for Kentucky Kingdom's opening day which is April 5th.

Thank you very much to Mark Brunner for the photos and hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll venture to Louisville for a early visit to an old friend for a few pictures myself.

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