Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Louisville, Kentucky


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Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville, Kentucky

Chang was added in 1997 and really put then Kentucky Kingdom on the map.  It was the first time a small park got B&M to do a coaster for them and Chang really made a dent by increasing attendance and eventually getting the park bought by Premier Parks who now own Six Flags.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville, Kentucky

Here's Chang in it's first loop.   When Chang opened it broke many records including largest loop on a stand up coaster which this is it.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville, Kentucky

I really love the name and logo for Chang.  It was also painted gold for it's first two seasons but now has been painted the colors of the Riddlers Revenge (@SFMM) and is possibly going to get a name change along with the theming of the area to a Gotham and Batman theme.  Personally I'm a big Batman comic fan but I'm a bit tired of going to theme parks with Batman themed areas.  Keep the name Chang.


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