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SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

With a bunch of the family down in Florida to help care for my mother during her final months I got to really reconnect with my cousins, Barb and Donna.  Chatting with them I found out that Donna; who is the biggest kid ever, absolutely loves amusement parks and roller coasters.  Her late uncle used to take her to Busch Gardens every year and let her ride coasters over and over to her hearts content.  As he is no longer with us I decided to step into his role and take Donna to SeaWorld Orlando for a day of fun.

SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

We had a gorgeous September day ahead of us to enjoy the park.  While I get bringing out the decorations a little early it is September...remember Christmas decorations should only be brought out after Halloween.

SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

This Bob Ross claw game almost sidetracked me but..

The Manta Rollercoaster at SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

...happy little coasters won out as Donna and I were drawn to Manta for our first ride of the day.

The Manta Rolercoaster at SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

Manta is a flying coaster by the design geniuses at Bolliger and Mabillard.


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