Sea World Orlando
Orlando, Florida
January 27 2013
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SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

One of the parks we really wanted to visit during our January 2013 Florida trip was SeaWorld Orlando.  It has the thrill rides for Bond and me and it has the animals for Carrie.

Oh putting a space between the words Sea and World I guess is the wrong way as SeaWorld is one word with two capital letters.  My guess is they want to differentiate themselves from the independent Sea World parks in Australia, Indonesia and Japan that are not part of the chain. 

SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

As you can see Bond and I did not run through the gates and head straight for the coasters.  We had a few friends joining Carrie, my Mom, Bond and I for this day at SeaWorld and the next day at Busch Gardens Tampa that we had to wait for.  Those two were Mike "Illinois" Lockwood and the legendary....

SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

...Brian "Waterboy" Lydy.

It had been too long since I had a chance to ride coasters with Brian as 2012 was the first year in the decade we've been friends that I haven't heard his little girl like giggle on a coaster.  It's so wrong not getting to spend a day at a park with Brian at least once a year so it was awesome that he joined us for part our Florida vacation.

SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

Most of our days in Florida were pretty warm with temperatures in the 80's and 90's but starting out at SeaWorld is was pretty chilly in the 60's.  At least that was better than the single digit temps and snow back up in Illinois.

The Manta Roller Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

We waited for Mike by the flamingos and it turns out he went right past us (must have been blinded by Manta hovering above all of us) and went right onto Manta.  After a quick call to see where he was we waited for him to get off of Manta before getting on this flying coaster for our first ride.  As you can see Bond and Brian are all ready to ride.


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