Lake Compounce
Bristol Connecticut
August 1, 2009
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Lake Compounce, Bristol, Connecticut

When I first heard about Boulder Dash back in the winter of 1999 and being a huge fan of terrain coasters I knew one day I had to get to Lake Compounce and take it for a ride.  Well it took me a decade but I was finally here.  Actually this was a pretty awesome day because not only was I about to ride Boulder Dash but I finally got to take the Coney Island Cyclone for a ride a few hours before.

Lake Compounce, Bristol, Connecticut

OK, you know the price of gas is way too expensive when the big prize for playing Skee Ball is a $50 gas gift card. 

Lake Compounce, Bristol, Connecticut

As soon as we got into the gates Lake Compounce had a nice, friendly feeling with plenty of shade and great atmosphere.

Boulder Dash Mountain Coaster at Lake Compounce, Bristol, Connecticut

The main part of Lake Compounce is laid out in an oval deep down in a valley.  When you turn to head around the back side of the loop you're greeted with this view of Boulder Dash up on the mountainside.  If I didn't say that my heart rate quickened at this point I would be lying.


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