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 La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec

One would think that if there was an event at an amusement park in your honor that would be something you wouldn't be tardy for?  Paul, Adriana and their nieces showed up a little late.  Paul blames the girls as but we all understand why he might be a little late after ending the epic party that was their wedding reception just seven hours previously and he and Adrianna having their first night as a wedded couple.

Goliath Rollercoaster at La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec

The BIG ride for our morning exclusive ride time was Goliath.

Goliath rollercoaster at La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec

In 2001 Six Flags purchased La Ronde from the city of Montreal who had been operating the park since Expo '67 closed.  With the deal Six Flags owns the park but it leases the land from the city which it has a long term lease for.  Another caveat to the purchase was that Six Flags was to invest a certain dollar figure into the park which was needed as under the city's budgetary constraints there really had not been many large investments in the park for a while so it needed it. 

Goliath rollercoaster at La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec

Goliath cost about $18.7 million Canadian which is a fair chunk of the $90 million that Six Flags has put into the park since 2001.

Goliath rollercoaster at La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec

Goliath is an out and back hyper coaster with plenty of airtime hills as you head out of the park along the St. Lawrence River out into La Ronde's parking lot which fills the far end of the island.


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