Melrose Park, Illinois
A Farewell To Kiddieland
September 13, 2009
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Kiddieland, Melrose Park, Illinois

It really sucks having to write an obituary for an amusement park.

For a few years the rumor  has been floating around that Kiddieland would be closing.  The founder of Kiddieland passed the park to one side of his family and the land to the other side.  Earlier this year it was announced that the parks lease was not going to be renewed.  So with 2009 being Kiddieland's final season Bond and I planned to head there for one last fun day.

Kiddieland, Melrose Park, Illinois

We had to go up to Chicago in September so we picked the date and it turns out the American Coaster Enthusiasts and the National Amusement Park Historical Association were holding an event on the same day so Bond and I had about sixty fellow enthusiasts joining us in saying goodbye.  To some Kiddieland had been an old friend and while Bond and I were new friends but to all it was hard to see it go. 

The event included exclusive ride time before the park opened so when we arrived we were all sent out back to come in through the employee entrance.  After registering for the event Bond was ready to go and get his final coaster credit of the year; the Little Dipper.

The Little Dipper Roller Coaster at Kiddieland, Melrose Park, Illinois

Coaster #51 for Bond and his 16th wooden coaster was the Little Dipper.  Here he is after his first ride.

The Little Dipper Roller Coaster at Kiddieland, Melrose Park, Illinois

Our exclusive ride time featured an hour and a half on the Little Dipper.  So we rode, got off and rode again, taking in all of this great little ride.


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