Indiana Beach
Monticello, Indiana
August 1, 2004
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Across the bridge to Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

After a six day long long work week I grabbed Carrie and Bond and headed north to Indiana Beach for a nice day at one of the countries most unique and enjoyable amusement parks.  The first tip is when you go make sure to park in Indiana Beach's south Parking lot because the entrance to the park over the suspension bridge is stunning.

Hoosier Hurricane, Cornball Express and Air Crow At Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

The bridge goes out to the point of the peninsula that Indiana Beach resides on and while crossing it the whole park fills the horizon making you walk a little faster with anticipation.

The Ferris Wheel and Hoosier Hurricane Rolelrcoaster at Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

Built over the midway and a few other attractions and games is Indiana Beach's Ferris Wheel.  Squeezed between the wheel and the lake is the Hoosier Hurricane rollercoaster.

The Train At Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

Indiana Beach doesn't have a lot of space so every square foot is optimized.  The train station is under the Hoosier Hurricane and Ferris Wheel and it's course is intertwined with those ride as well as the parks Kiddieland, the Cornball Express, Frankenstein's Castle,  car ride and the Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain.


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