Indiana Beach
Monticello, Indiana
June 2001
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Indiana Beach Amusement Park, Monticello, Indiana

When you enter Indiana Beach across the suspension bridge this is the view that you are rewarded with of both the great wooden coasters at Indiana Beach including the new Cornball Express.

IB-2001-Cornball-from-Pier-down-by-lake.JPG (27574 bytes)

Cornball Express is squeezed into and over the park with a shoe horn.  It wraps around the Tigrr, over the kiddy-land and through the Hoosier Hurricane.  Plus you get a nice drop down to the lake.

Indiana Beach Amusement Park, Monticello, Indiana

Here's the first drop as seen from Cornball's station.   The first drop is squeezed between a picnic pavilion, train and log flume!   There is so little space for Cornball it's station is way up in the air over one of their food buildings.

Indiana Beach Amusement Park, Monticello, Indiana

Yes Cornball has one wicked twisting drop.  Once warmed up it gives great airtime in the back as you're whipped over the top of the hill.   Watch out for the flume because if you're lucky you'll get sprayed by the splash from one of the logs!  I told you it was a tight squeeze.


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