Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
Santa Claus, Indiana
May 26, 2011
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Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, Santa Claus, Indiana

Yeah, during the long winter months I look forward to the opening of the coaster season but what I really look forward to is The Negative-G Road Trip because that's when Bond and I get together with our best friends and go crazy riding as many coasters as we can. 

The first stop on this years tour was Bond and my old stomping grounds; Holiday World.  Joining us after a long Negative-G Road Trip absence due to working on his Masters Degree was our buddy Greg.  The plan was for everyone to meet up with us at Holiday World during the day before heading on south for the rest of the trip.

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, Santa Claus, Indiana

Ok, there's a reason for Greg and Waterboy's embrace.  You see Waterboy was supposed to come on the trip with us but due to work he was not able to make it so no one expected to see him.  It turns out he had this day off and wanted to surprise everyone so he and I set it all up.  While we were on our way he called while "on break at work" to wish us a good day.  Then as Bond, Greg and I were walking up to the gates I mentioned to them "Hey look over there" where Brian was sitting.  Both screamed "Brian!" and ran over and gave him a hug.

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, Santa Claus, Indiana

Shortly after we got there Gump (Todd) and Bratman (Paul) along with Todd's son Travis pulled up into the parking lot.  We have a really fun group on the Negative-G Forums.  Yeah sometimes we don't post often but everyone is always in contact with each other.  We make a point to travel with each other.  What's become obvious over the past couple of years is that we're not just people on a forum who share a common interest, we're not just coaster enthusiasts, we're a family.   

Oh, see how empty Holiday World's parking lot is.  Well it was like that all day long meaning we pretty much had the park to ourselves.  Now that's the way to kick off a trip; exclusive park time!

The Raven Rollercoaster at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, Santa Claus, Indiana

It was nice seeing the Raven overhead.  While I do miss living in Santa Claus from time to time I'm glad I'm where I am. 


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