Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
Santa Claus, Indiana
Construction Update
February 28, 2004

Holiday World having their annual job fair

There's a crowd at the park today.  No they haven't had a soft opening for the season it's just another sign that the park is awakening from it's winter slumber.  Today is the start of Holiday World's job fairs to hire the estimated 1,100 employees for summer.

Jungle Racer Construction, Monday February 23, 2004

There has been a lot of action on Jungle Racer this week so I kept my camera in the car and when I happened to be driving by and there was activity I took a few shots.  Here is what had been done on Jungle Racer on Monday.

Jungle Racer Construction, Wednesday February 25, 2004

By Wednesday work had progressed a bit on the structure.

Jungle Racer Construction, Friday February 27, 2004

This picture is from Friday morning.  The majority of this went up on Thursday.  I think the unseasonably warm weather has really helped get Jungle Racer up so quickly.

Jungle Racer Construction, Saturday February 28, 2004

Here's the state of Jungle Racer as of this morning.  They have started on putting the slide up to the top of the structure.  I really can't see but I'd bet that they have to work on the plumbing and there is still the "bubblegum pink" colored sides to go along the edges of the slide.  The more I see of Jungle Racer the more I want go go for a slide on it.  It's huge and I bet you get going at a pretty decent speed by the time you get to the bottom and I'm curious if you'll get any airtime going over the little bumps while speeding on down it.

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