Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
Santa Claus, Indiana
Construction Update
December 4, 2003

Wood for Holiday World's Raven and Legend Rollercoaster

Work at Holiday World doesn't stop once it's season is over.  They go from running the rides straight to refurbishing them.  Here's the Raven with a some new wood in it's structure.

Wood for Holiday World's Raven and Legend Rollercoaster

There's more wood here in the parking lot as well as in the picnic shelter.  The Legend is getting a re-tracked first drop and all of that wood is in the shelter out of the elements until it's needed.

Parts to Holiday World's Scarecrows Scrambler and Lewis & Clark Trail Antique Cars

The Scarecrow's Scrambler has been taken apart for refurbishment and three of it's arms sit next to a couple of the Lewis & Clark Trail Antique cars which are also being refurbished.

Holiday World's Legend Rollercoaster Undergoing Re-tracking

It's tough to see but they've begun removing the track that's on the Legend's first drop so they can re-track it.  They have about a quarter of it removed so far and they'll be able to progress weather permitting.

Parts to Splashin' Safari's New for 2004 Jungle Racers!

Oh, I almost forgot, pieces to Splashin' Safari's new for 2004 slide Jungle Racers are starting to show up.  There has been a lot of work going on down in Splashin' Safari but it's not directly related to the 2004 additions.  They are working on enclosing the stream that goes through the valley so that the park can expand north past it some time in the future.

That's all for now.  I wouldn't expect a lot of construction updates until well after the first of the year because they are waiting for all of the parts to come together so that construction can begin.

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