Holiday World Santa Claus, Indiana

It looks like the majority of Zinga's tube sections are put together and awaiting assembly.  It has been confirmed that Zinga's oval sections are transition pieces, either the start or the section where the tube transitions to the funnel.

Zinga Vertical Construction at Holiday World for 2003!

I was finally able to get a small shot of Zinga's footers.  They're in the center of the picture.  Hopefully we start getting some decent weather so vertical construction can commence.

Zinga Vertical Construction at Holiday World for 2003!

Here's the back of the new Christmas Store.  In addition to this store there is another new building across the midway from this but I am not sure what's going in there.

 I'll post more updates when anything big happens.  Hopefully in the next few weeks Zinga will start to rise into the sky and the funnel sections will arrive and start going up as well.


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