Holiday World Santa Claus, Indiana

One of the three additions for 2003 at Holiday World is Liberty Launch, a Double Shot tower by S&S Sports.

Holiday World's Water Tower

Liberty Launch arrived today.  This is the tower part of the ride.  It's 80 feet tall and you'll be blasted up and down it.

Bond @ Holiday World

Over in Holiday World's parking lot is the rest of Liberty Launch, the cars pumps and computers.

New St. Nicks Trading Company Store @ Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

TIn addition to that you have the signs that go on the top of the tower and a few more odds and ends like the emergency shock absorbers to the left.  Liberty Launch has spent the past two years at a park down in Panama Beach, Florida as Cobra.

Don't worry...there will be many more construction updates including Zinga, Hallowswings and more Liberty Launch Pictures.

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