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December 11, 1999

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On December 11, 1999 the absolutely wonderful folks at Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana opened up their construction site of their new coaster the Legend of Sleepy Hollow so coaster enthusiasts could have a sneak peek.  The photos in the following pages are from that day and show you what in my opinion is the don't miss coaster of the 2000 season.

HW-12-10-99-Legend-lift-1.jpg (173072 bytes)

The only thing that keeps popping into my head viewing the Legend's lift is the lyrics "She's climbing a stairway to heaven" by Led Zeppelin. 

HW-12-11-99-Legend-lift-drop-1.jpg (101255 bytes)

At the top of the lift you will turn sharply to the right before plummeting to earth in a turning dive.  The section at the top of the lift is not complete yet and yes that is a Christmas tree up there...hey this is Holiday World isn't it.

HW-12-11-99-Legend-Lift-Drop-3.jpg (96263 bytes)

Here's a better view of the drop where you can see how it turns.  At the bottom of the drop is going to be a tunnel to heighten the terror.   In the foreground is the Frightful Falls log flume where you'll get a great view of the Legend.


Click here for more Legend pictures.


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