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***Sadly Hillcrest Park closed at the end of the 2003 season due to it's land being more valuable than the park.  Thankfully the Little Dipper was purchased by Little A-Merek-A, a park in Wisconsin and is due to be resurrected there for the 2005 season***

The Little Dipper Rollercoaster At Hillcrest Park

Hillcrest Park is a small picnic park out side of Chicago Illinois.  Not many enthusiasts have made it to this park because it is only open for private picnics.  Hillcrest Park has a carousel, a train the Little Dipper roller coaster and it might have  a few other rides that I don't remember from when I was there in the early 1980's!

The Little Dipper Rollercoaster At Hillcrest Park

Unfortunately when I was there I was a bit scared of coasters and you couldn't get me on the Little Dipper to save my life!  Hey...I was just 8 or 9, it was before I was bit with the coaster bug!

The Little Dipper Rollercoaster At Hillcrest Park

The Little Dipper is a classic coaster built by Herb Schmeck in 1952.  It was moved to Hillcrest Park in the late 60's and is one of the few American Coaster Enthusiast's Coaster Classics. 

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