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Six Flags The Great Escape 2014

The last, and only other time I had visited The Great Escape was on a whim.  While on the 2009 Negative-G Road Trip while visiting Six Flags New England on our last day we decided to make a run up to The Great Escape while on our way home.  It was a couple of hours out of our way to get there, we'd only get there with a little under two hours to enjoy the park and it had been raining all day long with a forecast of nothing but rain up at The Great Escape.  Fortune favors the bold so we sped up to The Great Escape in New York fighting thunder, lightening and rain the whole way.  As we pulled in to The Great Escape's parking lot the coaster gods took favor on our bold action and literally the rain stopped, the clouds parted and we were left with a completely empty park to enjoy at our pleasure.

The five of us took the park and had our way with empty ride after empty ride.  We had one simple goal and that was to ride everything once and then spend the rest of the time riding The Comet until the park kicked us out.  The Great Escape was amazing and magical but sadly Bond was not there to share it with me.  He had just started riding coasters a few weeks before and the trip was budgeted for and planned well before that for just me.  Bond missed that trip but  I knew Bond would love The Comet so one day I knew I'd get him to The Great Escape to take it for a ride..

Six Flags The Great Escape, Queensbury, New York

With our plans to head to Montreal for the wedding of the Negative-G Forum Member Paul "Bratman" Schroeder's wedding we decided to head down to Connecticut to see one of Carrie's friends as part of the trip.  It is a six hour drive down to Hartford from Montreal but it is always nice if you can break up a drive and The Great Escape just happened to be two hours into the drive from Montreal making a perfect pit stop and coaster break.

Six Fags The Great Escape, Queensbury, new York

The Great Escape started out as Storytown U.S.A. in 1954 as one of the first theme parks in the world.

Six Flags The Great Escape, Queensbury, New York

The Great Escape has kept much of the vintage theming from when it was Storytown U.S.A.

Six Flags The Great Escape, Queensbury, New York

"There was an old coaster enthusiast who lived in a shoe..."


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