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***This park project fell through in 2002 when the park property was foreclosed on.  It seems that the people involved while having plenty of experience running amusement parks they were unable to get investors to support the creation of a park.***


Hey all;

I know it's been a while since I've updated this page, well everything's been busy.  With my research into the park I found out many things about the park and the people trying to make it happen.  As of right now Entercitment is trying to get the park going for some date in the future which I do not know when.  I respect them for going out there and trying to make a park for all to enjoy in a city that deserves and could support a park.  When I spoke to them they were glad that there are people out there like me and you who are enthusiastic about their project but they didn't care to have their every minute step broadcast for all to see especially when they are at a delicate stage in the parks development.  I will continue leaving these photos up for all to see as they were taken from public areas around their site and if I am in the area I'll take and post new photos if anything changes.  
I am completely in support of all the people working at Entercitment and wish them only the best and Godspeed with their project.


Entercitment Amusement Park, Indianapolis, Indiana

The whole complex is to be called Entercitment City with the park, golf courses, hotels and a water park.

Entercitment Amusement Park, Indianapolis, Indiana

This building is the construction office and the park is supposed to be mostly in the woods behind it.

Entercitment Amusement Park, Indianapolis, Indiana

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