Darien Lake Theme Park
Corfu, New York
Negative-G 2012 Road Trip
May 25, 2012
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The Mind Eraser Roller Coaster at Darien Lake Theme Park, Corfu, New York

Mind Eraser like all of the other SLC's look really cool but unfortunately once you hit the brakes at the end of the ride you wish you could have the last minute and thirty-six seconds erased from your mind.  Thus "Mind Eraser" being a fitting name for these coasters. 

"Ouch" and "Ugh" were what came out of Bond's mouth as we were bashed our way around Mind Eraser's 2,260 feet of track.  Yes, riding Mind Eraser was painful but everyone had a memorable ride being with Bond as he lost his "SLC virginity" and many laughs were had with his reaction which mumbed the pain of the ride.

Darien Lake Theme Park, Corfu, New York

Moose on the Loose is one of the new rides that Hirschend Family Entertainment added to Darien Lake this year and all of us wanted to take it for a ride as it's so damn cute.  You ride a moose through a woodland area and as you ride the moose rocks back and forth like a rocking horse. It's no thriller but it looks like fun.  Unfortunately we weren't the only ones who wanted to take it for a ride as it had a huge line that kept us from giving it a try.  As popular as it was I could see Hirschend adding one of these to Dollywood or Silver Dollar City; hopefully with greater capacity so we get to ride.

Darien Lake Theme Park, Corfu, New York

Rowdy's Heave Ho is another new addition to Darien Lake.  I've done these at Silver Dollar City and Dollywood and they're fun rides and are great things to put your kids on to tire them out so the drive home is a peaceful one with the kids passed out in the back seat.

Darien Lake Theme Park, Corfu, New York

In the mid-1980's Darien Lake partnered with Huss Rides to become a showplace park for the ride manufacturer so that customers in North America could come and take the German companies rides for a ride.  Shortly after that partnership happened Huss partnered with the steel coaster designer Arrow Dynamics and out of that three way partnership the custom looping coaster Viper was the result.


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