Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide
Galena, Illinois
August 12, 2011
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The Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide, Galena, Illinois

I've known about the Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide for years and wanted to do it but we were never in the area.  So when Bond and I took our end of summer Wisconsin trip in 2011 the route home took us through Southwestern Wisconsin very near Galena, Illinois where Chestnut Mountain is we made sure to take the detour that ended up being one heck of a detour to the Chestnut Mountain Resort.

Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide, Galena, Illinois

Chestnut Mountain is south of Galena and the twisty two lane road out to the resort from Galena took what seemed forever but eventually we arrived to find this amazing view of the Mississippi River Valley before us.  As there are no actual mountains in the state of Illinois the name is a bit of a misnomer but Chestnut Mountain is primarily a ski resort so that's how the name fits. 

Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide, Galena, Illinois

The summer is Chestnut Mountain's off season so they have the alpine slide and mountain bike trails to bring in a few guests. 

Alpine Slides are distant relatives to coasters and are more of a summer time bobsled as you have a sled and a brake run to control your speed as you zoom down the run.

Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide, Galena, Illinois

There are two identical alpine slides at Chestnut Mountain that wind down the hillside down to the shore of the Mighty Mississippi.


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