Americana Park/Lesourdsville Lake Park
Monroe, Ohio
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Americana sadly is no more.  Yes the park still stands but with years of being closed and the current owner doing nothing with it and refusing inquires about it the chances of it's re-opening are doubtful.  Still I will leave these pages up here as a memory of the great times that countless people and myself had at this wonderful park.

Americana/Lesourdsville Lake Amusement Park

Americana is a small traditional park just north of Cincinnati Ohio.  It's an old park with a classic John Miller coaster and many old rides that you don't find often.  This park lives in the shadow of Paramount's Kings Island by gearing itself more towards families and picnics.  One tip for this park is to go in the evening because they have a $5 admission and it's rare that you have long lines here.

I've only seen rides like this at Holiday World and Geauga Lake.  They're a ton of fun as you get to control the ride, also it's a great way to cool off.

Americana/Lesourdsville Lake Amusement Park

Americana has a nice midway with plenty to do from games and food to keep you busy. 

Americana/Lesourdsville Lake Amusement Park

The first coaster you come to is a the Serpent.  I believe it is a Galaxy coaster by the Italian firm SDC.  It only has one train (please put the 2nd one on) so there's always a wait but it's a decent ride.

Americana/Lesourdsville Lake Amusement Park

There are several great drops on this ride including the first.


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