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Adventure Park USA, Monrovia, Maryland

Family Entertainment Centers like Adventure Park USA are wonderful places.  They are a mix of the local arcade, mini golf courses, go kart tracks and amusement parks all thrown together.  It is the type of place a family can head out for a day of fun, birthday parties can happen or teenagers can be dropped off at for a little freedom and fun. 

Carrie and I arrived in Monrovia Maryland after driving overnight to Washington DC, going to the Smithsonian and visiting the White House (just a tour...I don't have that kind of connections).  We were in the area to go to the American Coaster Enthusiasts Coaster Con 41 which was taking place at Six Flags America, Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  With three coasters; one of which being a Anton Schwarzkopf designed Wildcat, I had to include a stop at Adventure Park USA despite having a packed day.

Adventure Park USA, Monrovia, Maryland

 With three coasters there I decided to start small with the Tumbleweed.  Added to Adventure Park USA in 2015 the Tumbleweed is a Miler Manufacturing kids coaster that is pretty fun.

Adventure Park USA, Monrovia, Maryland

In the back of Adventure Park USA sits the Wild West Express.

Adventure Park USA, Monrovia, Maryland

When the American Coaster Enthusiasts have a convention often there are add on events the weekend before and afterwards and there was one going on when we visited Adventure Park USA.  As a result we ran into a bunch of old friends like Mike Thompson here during our visit.   

TAdventure Park USA, Monrovia, Maryland

The Wild West Express is a Zamperla Windstorm and it used to reside at Old Town in the Orlando area before moving up to Adventure Park USA in 2015.


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