Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka, Missouri
April 18, 2004
Page Three

The Monarch Theatre at Six Flags St. Louis

Hey I wonder if they're showing "The Mark Of Zorro" at the Monarch Theatre.  Yes that's a bit of trivia that only a Batman fan would know about but it's a really nice touch of theming around Batman at Six Flags St. Louis.

Muschnick's Skid Row Florist at Six Flags St. Louis

Around the corner from the Monarch is Mushnick's Skid Row Florist which any fan of Roger Corman films or Off Broadway musicals should know about.

The Ninja Rollercoaster at Six Flags St. Louis

This twisted mass of track is the Ninja.

The Ninja Rollercoaster at Six Flags St. Louis

The Ninja looks cool, has a great head chopper effect after the second loop but I wouldn't hop in line if there actually was a line for it.  What's sad is Six Flags St. Louis took out fantastic Schwarzkopf Looping Star the year they put this in.


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