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Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

The Screaming Eagle is St. Louis's only wooden coaster (hopefully there will be another in 2000) and it's a great out and back that was designed by the late John Allen who came out of retirement for this.

Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

After the lift you have a nice swoop turn that drops you down then slows you as you crest the big drop to give you time to think about what's coming.

Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

Here's the drop with the first air hill. The Eagle is located at the back of the park up hill among the trees and all you can see is the first few hills and the rest is among the trees which increases the Eagle's excitement.

Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

The Eagle has been a bit temperamental this year.  One visit to the park can give you a smooth air filled ride while another visit the ride can be rough and almost un-enjoyable.   Give this a ride a chance because when it's good it's a ton of fun.

Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

I really love the logo of this ride. Here's the sign on the third hill.  The third hill is almost as big as the first as the Eagle uses the hilly terrain to it's advantage.  After this point you won't see the coaster until it comes back into the station.


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