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Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

The River King Mine Train is one of the two mine train coasters that opened at Six Flags St. Louis (the other one was sold to Dollywood where it ran till this year.  It was taken out for the Tennessee Tornado but should be back soon elsewhere in the park.).  It is in my humble opinion the best steel coaster in the park. 

Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

The River King isn't the biggest or most intense but it definitely is FUN!  This is one of the nice low to the ground helixes on this ride.

Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

Here's a view from the top of the second of three lifts on this Arrow Dynamics mine train.  I don't know what it is but I really love Arrow mine train coasters.  They're not complex or sophisticated they're simple  speedy rides through the trees with plenty of surprises such as bunny hops or turns and lots of fun!

Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

After the third lift you head down into a nice dark tunnel.  Not much happens here but it is refreshing on a hot summer day to fly into some cool air.

Six Flags St. Louis, Allenton, MO

This is all that's left of the other mine train.  There's a boarded up door where the coaster used to come out and the wooden trestle from the track's supports.  I really wish this one was here but Six Flags removed it after they had a death on one of their mine train coasters.  They had transformed it into a stand-up coaster (the first one I believe) and a passenger was thrown from the restraints.  I think the ride in question was the River King due to the large opening for the station there and not much space here.  Other mine trains to hit are Adventure Express @ Paramount's Kings Island, Cedar Creek Mine Ride @ Cedar Point and the now defunct (but soon to be rebuilt) Excalibur @ Six Flags Astroworld!

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