Six Flags Magic Mountain

Valencia, California

February, 2001

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The Revolution @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

I have been drooling over the Revolution ever since seeing the movie Rollercoaster on the late, late movie on TV when I was a kid.  It's twisting and turning layout looked so fun.  I remember on my first trip to California in the early 1980's unsuccessfully lobbying my father to take me to Magic Mountain so I could ride it.  Unfortunately he chose Sea World to go to instead.

The Revolution @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

As many of you readers know I absolutely love any coaster designed by Anton Schwarzkopf.  He is the one steel coaster designer that made his coasters flow in a Zen-like way.  It's just everything works perfectly on them, each element leading perfectly into the next.  His coasters are a ballet in steel.

The Revolution @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

One of the neat things if you have seen the movie Rollercoaster you'll notice that the landscaping is quite different from when the Revolution opened.  Just like the Whizzer (another of Anton's Masterpieces) at Six Flags Great America the trees have grown up to envelop the track so that you can hardly see any of it so what comes next remains a mystery.


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