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The Viper @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

The Viper also has a slightly different ending because of where it's station is located.   It has a nice fun "S" shaped turn before the brake run.

The Ninja @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

Very unfortunately both the Ninja and the tower were closed when we were there.  I was really looking forward to riding the Ninja because it's built over some cool terrain.  It's totally fun to go swinging and swooping down a wooded hillside on a suspended coaster.  It feels like flying.

Bond @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

Bond of course had a great time.  About ten seconds after this picture he tore the moose horns in half and tried to eat one of them.

Gold Rusher Mine Train @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

The Gold Rusher is a great mine train coaster.  It goes over the top of the mountain and dives down into a nice helix and up a second lift before heading under Superman and back down the other side of the mountain.

The Gold Rusher Mine Train @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

There is a great final helix on the Gold Rusher and we're about to dive down into it.


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