Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Louisville, Kentucky

Greezed Lightnin' Opening

April 24, 2003

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Gathering @ Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom's Greezed' Lightnin Media Day

On Thursday April 24th Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom opened it's new coaster for the 2003 season, Greezed Lightnin'!  The park proudly opened the coaster with an event to welcome their eighth coaster.

The entrance to Greezed Lightnin' @ Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

A Lot has changed here since I last visited the park.  The entrance to Greezed Lightnin' looks great.

 Greezed Lightnin's lead car @ Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Speaking of looking great, here's Greezed Lightnin's lead car that is breathtakingly beautiful.


Click Here for more Greezed Lightnin' opening pictures.


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