Six Flag's Great America

Gurnee, Illinois

August 3, 2002

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Six Flags Great America was my home park after Old Chicago closed in 1980.  It was originally owned by the Marriott corporation and was called Marriott's Great America.  I have gone there countless times and I still love coming back!  The Columbia Carousel has been the centerpiece of the park since it opened in 1976 and it received a great paint job for this season.


I love the Pictorium even though Imax movies give me really bad motion sickness.  I don't get it...put me on any coaster, put me in a plane and flip me and spin me and I'm fine but if you sit me down in a big movie theater I get very sick!  When the park opened the Pictorium's movie screen was the largest in the world but I'm not so sure if it still is with the proliferation of other Imax theaters?  This year they brought back one of the first Imax movies that the Pictorium played..."To Fly".   

The Sky Trek Tower is a great way to get a view of the park, relax in some air conditioning and see which rides have long or short lines.


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