Old Town

Kissimmee, Florida

September 14, 2003

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A Flying Carousel @ Old Town, Kissimmee Florida

Rounding out the rides at the front of Old Town is a nice flying carousel swing ride.

Rides including The Windstorm Coaster @ Old Town, Kissimmee Florida

For more thrills you need to head down Old Town's "Main Street" past stores, restaurants and other attractions to the back of the park which features the Windstorm rollercoaster.

The Windstorm Rolelrcoaster @ Old Town, Kissimmee Florida

The Windstorm was added to Old Town back in 1997 and rumors still float around that Old Town was going to build a wooden coaster but decided to put the Windstorm up because it's a transportable coaster that could be added right then and use the funds generated by it to build the wooden coaster at a later date.


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