Old Town

Kissimmee, Florida

September 14, 2003

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The Scrambler @ Old Town, Kissimmee Florida

The centerpiece of the front end of Old Town is a classic Scrambler.

The Scrambler @ Old Town, Kissimmee Florida

It looks like this is a pretty early Scrambler and it's in excellent condition.  Scramblers are some of the few spinning rides that I can take without getting sick.  They're just plain fun to ride.

The Sling Shot @ Old Town, Kissimmee Florida

No, no, no I am not going to ride the slingshot!  A Slingshot is a seat that's strapped to two bungee cords and rocketed hundreds of feet up into the air.  What's really wicked about Old Town's Slingshot is most of them have a cage around the riders while this one is without.


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