Magic Springs
Hot Springs, Arkansas
October 21. 2007
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Magic Springs Amusement Park, Hot Springs, AR

After driving down to Houston to visit the Boardwalk Bullet at the Kemah Boardwalk then heading up to the Dallas area for Six Flags Over Texas the final stop Kevin, Greg and my coaster weekend was on the way home at Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Magic Springs, Hot Springs, AR

Magic Springs is Arkansas only amusement park and is actually the states largest tourist destination.  Being an hour or so outside of Little Rock and right by Hot Springs National Park it's in a nice area.

The Gauntlet Rollercoaster at Magic Springs, Hot Springs, AR

Magic Springs is kind of tucked up in the Ozarks and the only trace that you can see of it from the outside is The Gauntlet as you speed by on the highway.

Magic Springs, Hot Springs, AR

Being October Magic Springs and it's employees were all decked out for Halloween.  While not up to the standards of some of the larger park Halloween celebrations I do have to give them some credit for trying.


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