Lake Winnepesaukah

Rossville, Georgia

September 8, 2002

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I have been wanting to go to this gem of a traditional park for some time now. Lake Winnepesaukah (say that three times really fast) or Lake Winnie for short in in Rossville Georgia and is only a stones throw from Chattanooga. 

Carrie and Bond are stretching their legs after the 4 1/2 hour drove from Santa Claus.  Lake Winnie has a nice assortment of games in a row on this stretch of  the midway.  Lake Winnie has a really neat feel to it.  They have really taken their time to make a nice and fun feeling park.   Even their ice cream stand on the lake is made to look like a boat with a constantly revolving paddlewheel.  It looks like something straight from Rollercoaster tycoon.


If the park has a lake in it's name there must by law (I think) be a lake in the park.  The majority of Lake Winnie is situated around you guessed it...Lake Winnepesaukah!  Across the  lake from the games is the boat ride and a few flat rides.


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